Whether you think they'd love a nice new plant as a gift, a pot for a plant in their existing collection, or just a botanically themed present, we've got plenty of ideas to make shopping for gifts for plant lovers easy.


Since houseplant collection and gardening have exploded in popularity over the last few years, there has also been an increase in the paraphernalia associated with growing. Whether you need new tools, gardening kits or botanical homewares, there is something out there for everyone.

Take a look at our guide to the ultimate gifts for plant lovers.

Gifts for plant lovers in 2023

Botanical homewares

There is a plethora of botanically themed homewares on the market, and they make great gifts for plant lovers.

Palm Leaf Rug

Jungle cream rug

This jungle-patterned rug from Paco Home Store would make a great gift for plant lovers. The bold pattern is sure to make an impact, but the green and cream colourings mean it would suit a great range of colour palettes and modern or classic interiors. In addition to this, the rug can be bought in many different sizes and as either a rectangular or a round rug. They are made from stain-resistant material too, and can be taken outside, making them a great gift for those who see the garden as an extension of their home.

Botanical Bedding

Botanical bedding

This Piana Tufted cotton bedding from La Redoute Interiors would make a great gift for a plant lover. Made out of 100% cotton, this bedding is luxurious and soft and comes in many different sizes.

Fig Linen Napkins - set of 4

Fig Napkins

These linen napkins from Fine Cell Work have each been embroidered with a green fig motif. They come in a set of four beautifully boxed and tied with a ribbon, making them a great gift for plant lovers. If you want to splash out, you can also buy matching table mats. By shopping from Fine Cell Work, you'll also be supporting the work that the charity does to allow convicted prisoners to partake in paid, skilled and creative work.

Botanical Paperweight

Botanical paperweights

These beautiful paperweights have been handmade in Wales. Made from clear polyester resin, they each contain a preserved botanical specimen, either nigella or dandelion, which will be protected from fading by the coating. They would make the perfect gift for any plant lover and would look lovely on a shelf, mantlepiece or desk. A great choice if you're gifting someone who is limited on space.

Foraging Posters - set of 3

Isla Middleton summer poster

Botanical artwork is a lovely idea as a gift for any plant lover. These prints from artist Isla Middleton show a range of plants that can be foraged in spring, summer and autumn.

Grasses Print Cushion

Grasses cushion

Cushions make great gifts for plant lovers, and you can find cushions in a huge range of designs to suit all tastes. This one from Cotswold Company, designed by Maggie Levien, has a subtle pattern featuring grasses and seedheads inspired by the English countryside.

Plant pots and vases

If the person you're shopping for already has an extensive collection of plants or a beautiful garden, then you may want to consider buying them a decorative plant pot or vase.

Pegi Textured Glaze Green Ceramic Plant Pot

Oliver Bonas plant pot

Oliver Bonas have a great range of indoor plant pots that would make lovely gifts. This green glazed ceramic pot has a waved pattern and a rounded shape, perfect for displaying succulents.

Indu Terracotta Planter Set

Toast planters

These stunning planters from TOAST would make an excellent gift for plant lovers. Made by a group of artisans in Rajasthan, each pot is thrown by hand before being baked in a wood-fired kiln. Each set comes as a pair.

Conique Planters

Conique planters

If you're looking to really splash out on a gift for someone who loves plants, then these planters would be perfect. They can be ordered as indoor or outdoor planters and they really make an impact.

Green Heritage Cylinder

Heritage Garden pot

Sometimes the best gift to go for is a garden classic, and Heritage Garden Pottery pots are perfect for that. Traditionally designed plant pots, they look as good inside as they do out and are frost-proof too. A great gift idea for plant lovers would be to buy a Heritage pot and a set of bulbs to plant in it.

More like this

Jewel Vases

Jewel vases

If you're looking for a smaller present for a plant loving friend, then one of these jewel vases from Sarah Raven would be perfect. They come in a great range of colours so there will be one to suit any taste, and it could be coupled with a little bunch of flowers too.

Miza Mini Glass Vase

miza mini glass vase

One of these delicate green vases would make a really nice gift for any plant lover. With their sophisticated design, they would fit well into any interior style and look great as vases for single stems or small posies.

Gardening tools and accessories

From gardening tools and storage solutions to gardening clothes, there are plenty of accessories that everyone will need at some point in their gardening journey. Here we've rounded up a few ides of the ones that would make the best gifts.

Burgon & Ball Border Fork and Spade

Fork and spade set

Every garden shed needs a set of basic tools. This garden fork and spade set from Wolvercroft Garden Centre on Amazon would make a great present for anyone that has just acquired their first garden and needs the gear to revamp it. The stainless steel set manufactured by Burgon & Ball is endorsed by the RHS, so you know you'll be buying a good quality gift. The long-handled fork and spade are slightly smaller than other designs, making it a great choice for a gift for someone with a small garden.

If you think that a fork or a spade is the perfect gift for your plant-loving friend, or that another tool would do the trick, then take a look at our other shopping guides:

Herb & Flower Drier

Herb drier

This herb drying rack from Little Garden Shop is the perfect garden accessory and would make a lovely gift for a plant lover. It can be used to extend the season of homegrown herbs for the whole year, and to dry flowers for long lasting bouquets. What's not to love!

Zinc Wall Storage Unit

Zinc wall storage unit

This storage unit would be a great gift for a friend who's shed needs a bit of a tidy up! Made from zinc, not only does it look lovely, but it will help to keep the shed neat and tidy.

Work Apron

Gardening apron

Work aprons make a lovely gift, especially for someone who spends a lot of time in the garden. This one from ChuerTech is made from durable canvas and has several pockets that are perfect for secateurs, plant labels and mobile phones. The straps are adjustable and can be removed quickly, making it a super comfortable piece of work-wear.

If you think a piece of garden-wear is the gift you've been looking for, but perhaps not an apron, take a look at our other shopping guides:

Barrington Flared Plant Support - Large

Garden Trading plant support

Plant supports can make great gifts for plant lovers. There are plenty of decorative ones on the market that would make for special presents, like this one from Garden Trading. Their supports are designed to add interest to the border in summer as well as in winter and they weather with a rusted finish adding to their country house feel.

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So this one is pretty obvious, but one of the best gifts for plant lovers is pretty simple: plants! When giving a plant as a gift, it is best to go for something low-maintenance in case the person you're gifting doesn't have time to devote to a stroppy plant.

Snake Plant in a Decorative Pot

Sansevieria/ snake plant in pot

Snake plants (Sansevieria spp.) make great gifts as they are very low-maintenance houseplants that are happy in most situations. This one from M&S also comes with a decorative pot which can be changed, creating a ready-made gift for any plant lover.

For more plant gifting inspiration, take a look at some of our shopping advice:

Bloombox Club Plant Subscription Box

Bloombox Club

A plant subscription is a great gift for a plant lover if you're looking to splash out. With this one from Bloombox Club, they'll receive a new plant to their door every month. Each one comes in a decorative pot with detailed care instructions.

There are plenty of plant subscriptions on the market too, take a look at the rest of our recommendations here.

Another great option as a gift for plant lovers would be a cut flower subscription. Find our recommendations for those here.

Bulbs and seeds

If you're gifting someone with green thumbs, then you might want to look at seeds or bulbs as a gift. With these they get the joy of growing the plants themselves, and as they're cheaper you can gift many more varieties. Take a look at some of our advice on where to buy seeds and bulbs:

Botanical soaps and candles

We all know that there is nothing better than a little bit of self-care, and one of the easiest ways to look after yourself is to have fancy hand soap and a scented candle or two about the house. Generally, these products are also pretty affordable which makes them great gifts too.

The Botanical Soap Collection

Botanical soap

This gift set of five botanical soaps would make an excellent present for any plant lover. Each soap is handmade and decorated with dried flowers. They are palm oil-free and vegan-friendly and handmade in Dorset by Bramblewood Soap Co. Included in this set is their Botanical Bloom, Lavender, Rose Geranium, Gardener's and Rosemary and Orange Soap Bars.

Geranium & Orange Hand Wash

Neal's Yard Soap

This organic hand wash from Neal's Yard Remedies would make an excellent gift for plant lovers. Scented with geranium and orange essential oils, it is refreshing and gently cleanses and purifies.

Three-piece Hand Care Gift Set

Hand care gift set - RGB Kew

This three-piece set from the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew would make the perfect gift for a plant fanatic. It comes with a shea butter soap, moisturiser and hand sanitiser and is scented with bergamot and ginger. Everything that's needed to keep hands protected, cleansed and moisturised.

See our edit of the very best hand creams for gardeners to find more great gift ideas!

Lime & Bay Botanical Large Candle

White Company candle

This large candle from The White Company would make a lovely gift for anyone, plant-loving aside! The three-wick candle is infused with lime slices and bay leave and also has blossom and orange scents. It has a hard outer shell that won't burn down with a soft wax core and captures the scent of the Mediterranean garden.

Green Fig Scented Botanical Soy Wax Melts

Green Fig wax melts

Was melts are a great alternative to candles and can be used in any traditional oil burner. These ones from The Botanical Candle Co. are scented with fig leaves, spice and cedar. They sound perfect for cosy autumn evenings, and would make the perfect gift for a plant lover.

Peony & Blooms - Signature Candle

Naturally Unique Candle

This candle from Naturally Unique is fruity and floral. With notes of peony, red apple, rose, jasmine and carnation it is a plant-lovers dream. Hand poured into a clear glass container, these candles have a modern appearance and will burn for up to 40 hours. A gift that keeps on giving!

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Botanical jewellery

Jewellery is a tried and tested present. There are lots of options when it comes to plant-themed accessories, so look no further for that gift for your plant-loving friend.

Sterling Silver Sycamore Seed Bracelet

sycamore bracelet

Handmade by designer Kate in her studio in Twickenham, this sycamore bracelet would be a perfect gift for a plant-lover. Made in sterling silver, the details on the sycamore seed are intricate and aim to remind the wearer of autumn walks.

Snowdrop Earrings

Snowdrop earrings

These delicate snowdrop earrings from Michael Michaud would make a lovely gift, especially for someone with a birthday in late winter when these flowers bloom.

Bright Monstera deliciosa Earrings

Monstera deliciosa earrings

These hand illustrated earrings are printed onto wood and finished with silver-plated hooks. They would make a great gift for a houseplant lover.


There are so many options when it comes to buying gifts for plant lovers, so it shouldn't be hard to find the perfect match. For more gifting ideas, take a look at our gift guide.


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