Adding a garden candle to your outdoor space, whether you're hosting an al fresco drinks party or enjoying a casual weeknight dinner on your patio, instantly creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere.


With natural, scented and citronella all available, as well as the many stylish pot designs to consider, it can be tricky choosing a favourite. To help you out, we've gathered a list of nine garden candles for all occasions.

So take a browse and find a new scent and centrepiece for your al fresco gatherings. However you like your garden candles - fruity, fresh, woody, tinned or jarred - we've got you covered.

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Best garden candles for 2023

La Jolíe Muse Citronella Candle

La Jolíe Muse Citronella Candle

If you're looking for a gentle, non-toxic way to repel mosquitoes, citronella candles are an easy solution. A far more appealing option than covering yourself in insect repellent, pop a citronella candle on your outdoor dinner table for an evening in peace, while creating a pleasant ambience at the same time.

La Jolíe Muse has a huge selection of candles on offer, and its tin designs are particularly useful for outdoor use. We love this flowery blue and white design, and even when not lit, this garden candle is sure to make a nice outdoor coffee table accessory. The two wick candle burns for 40 to 50 hours, and it's paraben-free for a clean burn. Expect a fresh and citrusy scent.

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Outdoor pillar candles

Two outdoor pillar candles

Pillar candles work well as table centrepieces thanks to their striking and elegant appearance.

The simplicity of Graham & Green's garden pillar candles makes them an appealing choice, as they'll slot into any garden, whatever your décor of choice. You can choose between the small two wick candle or a larger three wick design, or of course buy both for an effective matching set.

Canberra slatted outdoor lantern

Lantern candle

If you don't want the unpredictable weather to ruin your evening glow, why not take the easy route and opt for battery candles? While they're not the real deal, they still look effective, and they're certainly more hassle-free as you can set timers. Handy too if you've got kids and pets running around.

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These battery candles come with pretty slatted lanterns. We love the chunky rope handles which offer a relaxed, coastal vibe. Pair with stripy blue and white outdoor cushions and driftwood furniture to complete the look.

You get two lanterns in a set, one small and one large, and there's even the option to add a remote control for the garden candles. Create a welcoming ambience from the comfort of your favourite outdoor chair.

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Diptyque feu de bois large scented candle

Diptyque feu de bois large scented candle

For a large scented garden candle you can enjoy night after night, consider this 150kg design from French perfumery, Diptyque. The feu de bois (firewood) candle aims to transport you to a roaring fireplace. Perfect for chilly wintry evenings, wrap up warm and enjoy the smoky, woody scent. With a burn time of 150 hours, it's likely to become a well-used garden accessory.

Loving Cup candle

Cockles and heart botanical candle

Browse Cockles and Heart's designs if you're looking for a candle that oozes charm and quirkiness. The company specialises in natural candles that are chemical and paraffin free and many of its designs are housed in delightful vintage vessels. Add this Loving Cup candle to your al fresco afternoon tea setup and enjoy the ylang ylang, lavender and bergamot essential oil blend. A heavenly combination for floral fans.

White bamboo candle

To create an atmospheric evening glow for a night of socialising, place these white garden candles around the border of your garden. The white candle sits on top of a bamboo cane which can be dug into the ground. Ideal if you're after a cosy feel.

Each candle has a burn time of eight hours, so they're more suited to a one-off party, but they're sure to make an impact. You could invest in a few and line them up for a standout look.

Lime and bay botanical candle

The White Company Lime and Bay Botanical Large Candle

For a fresh and vibrant aroma, give this large candle from The White Company a try. The three wick candle is infused with lime slices and bay leaves making it a top choice if you enjoy zesty scents - the prefect way to brighten a dull day.

There's a hard outer shell that doesn't burn down, and a soft wax core, so it's a clever design that lets you enjoy the candle's unique appearance. Add to a handmade hamper for a special wedding or birthday gift.

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Octo citronella candle

Citronella candle in a jar

Another citronella candle to consider for your garden, and this design comes in a cute, rustic tin. A nice fit for a boho-chic garden styled with festoon lights and throws. Made with soy wax and lemongrass citronella essential oil, and with an impressive burn time of 60 hours, this garden candle is a practical and soothing outdoor accessory.

The portable jar would work well for picnics and camping trips, and you can make use of the jar once the wax has burnt out. You could even use it to store your own handmade candles if you're feeling crafty.

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Rattan-lidded ceramic candle

Rattan-Lidded Ceramic Candle

Add this ceramic garden candle to your outdoor area for a warm and relaxing vibe. The nature-inspired scented candle features a sweet rattan lid - a welcomed feature, especially for outdoor use as you can ensure the candle remains insect free when not in use.

A lovely homey touch to an outdoor seating area, pair with rattan place mats and autumnal orangey tones.


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