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Stainless Steel And Wood Candle Lantern

Best garden lanterns: 8 lights to make your green space glow

Published: June 8, 2022 at 8:00 am

Keep your garden glowing with warmth on those dark winter nights with our pick of the best garden lanterns

A reliable lantern can make all the difference as the evenings draw in earlier, keeping your garden feeling cosy and inviting, and adding some warmth to your al-fresco dining.


Whether you want to dot several around to light up your green space, or hang them near pathways and doorways for guests, a lantern is a must have for keeping your garden alive at night and setting an ambient mood.

For more lighting inspiration, take a look at our picks of the best outdoor lighting for your garden.

Best garden lanterns to buy in 2022

Stainless Steel Lantern for Candle

JHY DESIGN Stainless Steel Lanterns for Candle on white background

Boasting durable, tempered glass and a strong stainless steel frame, this sleek and stylish lantern has tall windows that will illuminate any candle you place inside. This means it's suitable for larger items such as pillar candles, as well as smaller displays like a tea light.

It has a handle for easy transportation so it can be carried between areas or hung nearby to create a relaxing glow over your green space or patio area. Due to its minimalist design this would suit a variety of garden styles, whether you have embraced a coastal theme or a rustic, farmhouse look.

Stainless Steel and Wood Candle Lantern

Stainless Steel And Wood Candle Lantern

Available in two sizes, these large lanterns stand at an impressive height of 70cm (or 60cm if you opt for the medium size) creating a confident centrepiece for any green space, whether used alone or as a grouping of available sizes.

Made from sustainable mango wood and high quality stainless steel, there should be no risk of rusting which means they can be used outside, although it's advised they're brought inside once you're done for the night.

Solar OxyLED Garden Lanterns

Solar Lanterns Outdoor OxyLED 2 Pack

Create a flickering candle effect in your garden with this LED candle lantern that won't blow out in the wind. Available as a pair, these can be used as solar garden ornaments in the day where they will charge up (if the weather is kind), before automatically switching on in the evening.

A safe option if you have little ones running around, this handy lantern is fully waterproof which means the faux flame will stay lit even when the rain sets in.

Fitted with a handle, this lantern can be hung up to create an ambient glow, or set down on the table or patio to keep things cosy after the sun has set.

Damasque Solar Powered Decorative Garden Lantern

Damasque Solar Powered Decorative Garden Lantern by Smart Solar

Bring a hint of Morocco into your green space with this intricate illumination. Fuelled by solar power, this environmentally friendly lantern will turn on as soon as the day fades, thanks to it’s built-in light sensor.

Although it has a sturdy, metal design it should be lightweight enough to pick up and carry, which means you can place it in the perfect spot to cast a calming glow on your garden.

Pacific Lifestyle Cosiscoop Fire Lantern

Pacific Lifestyle Cosiscoop Fire Lantern on white background

Fitted with a handle, this is a modern lantern that can be used to find your way across the garden without tripping, or left at the table to create a private atmosphere when dining with friends.

Simply twist the gas cartridge at the base of the lantern, press the button and you'll be able to light your lantern. It boasts six hours of power when fitted with a 190 gram gas canister, although it's worth bearing in mind this doesn't come included.

Smart Garden Skandi Lantern

Smart Garden Skandi Lantern on white background

Choose between an LED battery candle or an authentic candle light with this Skandi lantern from Robert Dyas.

Crafted from metal it maintains a rustic appearance for an authentically aged feel. Fitted with a handle, this portable piece can be kept outdoors to give your patio a glow, or brought inside to light up a conservatory on cold nights.

Agadir Garden Solar Lantern

Agadir Garden Solar Lantern

A stylish piece that will draw the eye during the day as well as attracting attention on dark nights, this Moroccan styled lantern from lights4fun is truly a statement piece.

Powered by solar energy, one day spent on a full day's charge in your garden should produce six hours of comforting glow at night, with an on and off switch so you can preserve the energy when you head back inside.

Each lantern is also hand-finished which means there may be slight differences between them, adding to their unique charm.

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Smart Garden Maroc Battery Powered Garden Lantern

Smart Garden Maroc Battery Powered Garden Lantern on white background

This smart garden lantern has been designed with a brass finish to create an authentic feel, so you may be surprised to discover the flickering candle is powered by an LED. Made to keep glowing through wet and windy conditions, this would be a comforting companion on those nights where a regular candle would be blown out.

Powered by three AAA batteries, it has been built with an internal timer that will save energy for 20 hours a day, and spring into life for the remaining four hours. Once turned on it should produce a beautiful silhouette thanks to the details in the design.


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