Did you know 97 per cent of wildflower meadows in the UK have disappeared since the Second World War? With pollinators like bees and butterflies declining in number, we need to take fast action to restore green spaces around Britain.

Enter the wildflower seed bomb. It may not solve all our problems, but it’s certainly a quick and easy way to create dense pockets of vegetation to attract and support insects. Plus, thanks to the colourful blooms created, the flower patches look fantastic too.

So, how do wildflower seed bombs work? Well, they’re little balls or chunks of compost, densely packed with seeds and usually coated in clay to deter hungry animals. While it may be easier to simply scatter seeds on their own, the weight and protection of the compost stops them blowing away in the wind.

There’s no digging required when scattering the ‘bombs’. Simply throw them onto flowerbeds or open patches of earth and make sure you water them regularly if it doesn’t rain. After a few weeks, you should spot seedlings emerging from the ‘bombs’. They’ll grow into beautiful flowers, which continue developing year after year.

Best wildflower seed bombs

Seedball Bee and Butterfly Set

Seedball Bee and Butterfly Set

Seedball is one of the leading brands when it comes to wildflower seed bombs. This set is one of their multi-packs and it includes three tins: ‘bee’, ‘butterfly’ and ‘urban meadow’.

As well as a clay outer, these seed bombs contain chilli powder to keep slugs and snails at bay while the plants germinate and grow.

As an added benefit, peat-free compost and recyclable storage tins add to the sustainability of this pack.

You can also buy different tin combinations. There are ‘urban’ and ‘artist’ meadow packs, as well as individual tins containing just poppy and cornflower seeds.

10 Wildflower Seed Bombs

10 Wildflower Seed Bombs in a bag with a card label

Etsy stocks several varieties of wildflower seed bombs; this is just one of the packs on offer. It comes with a handy decorative bag with a drawstring to keep your supplies safe until you’re ready to scatter them.

Inside, you’ll find six handmade ‘bombs’ containing seeds for 18 different species of wildflower, as well as instructions telling you how to get the best from them. Like many other sets, they have a clay coating as pest protection.

More like this

Wildflower Seed Beebombs

Five packs of seed bombs in hessian bags

Containing plant species specifically approved as ‘perfect for pollinators’ by the RHS, this mix of native wildflower seeds is designed to appeal to bees.

There are 18 different types of British wildflower seeds in these ‘bombs’, so they’re sure to create a varied and colourful display in your chosen spot.

These ones are crafted by hand in Dorset and contain fine, sifted soil and clay sourced from nearby.

When you buy these wildflower seed bombs, you can choose your ideal pack size, from one set to a multi-pack with 10 separate bags.

Seedbom packs

Four seed bomb packs

Presenting ‘guerrilla gardening grenades of growing potential’, as Seedbom describes its wildflower packs.

These are the ‘bombs’ you may recognise from the shops, with their familiar grenade-shaped casing made from starch-based, compostable material.

There are plenty of individual packs to choose from, but this gift set comes with four bee-friendly Seedboms filled with varieties selected by the RHS as ‘perfect for pollinators’.

Colour Garden Letterbox Gift

Colour Garden Letterbox Gift

This wildflower seed bomb pack works well as a gift for green-fingered loved ones or anyone with an outdoor space as it’s posted straight through your letterbox. And if you order it before 3pm, it’ll qualify for next-day delivery.

Inside are nine seed bombs in a range of cheerful colours to reflect the importance of bright flowers for our wildlife.

Everything comes packaged in FSC-certified materials and you can choose from a range of greetings cards when you send your gift.

Wildflower Seed Grab Bags 50 Balls

Wildflower Seed Grab Bags on a table with a watering can

If you’re after a large quantity of wildflower seed bombs, try this grab bag from Seedball. Each contains 50 balls, packed with between 30 and 100 individual seeds. In one set, you’ll get enough to cover an area of 2-3 square metres or 10-12 medium-sized pots.

When you buy these seed bombs, you can opt for various wildflower species. There are 12 RHS ‘plants for pollinators’ to choose from, including cow parsley, poppy and forget-me-not.

Wildflower Seed Bombs

Wildflower Seed Bombs in a box on a table with a vase of flowers

These wildflower seed bombs come in the form of bars, each with six ‘seed cubes’. In just one 10-bar box, you’ll get the equivalent of 60 seed bombs to sow in your garden.

Either break them apart with your hands or crush them underfoot after scattering.

Ideal for supporting pollinating insects, these bloom bars contain five types of traditional English lawn wildflowers: selfheal, daisy, red clover, white clover and forget-me-not.

Make Your Own Meadow Wildflower Seed Bombs

Make Your Own Meadow Wildflower Seed Bombs box on a table

If you’re feeling creative, why not make your own wildflower seed bombs? This kit has everything you need to mix up 20-30 balls, including clay and potting discs.

A wide selection of British annual and perennial meadow wildflower seeds make up this set, so you should be able to grow a bed of varied plants. There are bird's-foot trefoil, corn marigold, and salad burnet, to name just a few.

Seed bombs can be a great way to bring new life and colour to a variety of outdoor spaces. With their easy-to-use design and ability to grow in even the toughest of environments, seed bombs have become a popular choice for gardeners looking to make a positive impact on their communities. Whether you are looking to add some extra charm to your backyard, or want to create a beautiful public garden, seed bombs can provide an affordable, effective, and eco-friendly solution. So why not give them a try and watch as your green thumb takes flight! For more seed options, check out our list of the best places to buy seeds online.


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