Natural Christmas wreath

A wreath of berried ivy

The simplest of ideas are often the best and that's certainly the case with this Christmas wreath made using berried ivy. Find out how to create the look below.

A simple wreath packed with just one plant material is often more striking than a mixture of colours and texture. The shiny leaves and dark purple and green berries of mature common ivy are so fulsome that they need absolutely nothing else.



Natural Christmas wreath
  • Wire wreath frame (this one is 33cm in diameter) or galvanised wire to make your own.
  • Reel of soft wire
  • Lengths (20-30cm) of ivy leaves and berries
  • Ribbon for hanging

To make

Wrap the soft wire around the wreath frame and thread the stems of the ivy pieces into the wire, layering the pieces on top of one another and moving around the circle. Put plenty on – it should feel abundant – and secure with extra wire if needed. The berries should naturally disperse around the wreath, and you can always add more by wiring the stem of individual berry bunches and threading them in between the leaves.

Flowering (and therefore berried) branches of  ivy are not lobed and trailing, but self-supporting and robust, usually found growing in the sun. So it’s strong, and of course ivy brings good luck and keeps the devil out. This makes it just right to hang on the front door.

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Styling by Kristy Ramage.