While many plants in the garden die back in the cooler months, there are some that we can bring into our homes to add some extra cheer during the festive season. A potted plant not only looks lovely amongst other Christmas décor; it can also be a more sustainable choice.


Opt for hardy perennial varieties and you can plant them outside come January. They also make wonderful gifts, bringing back memories every year as they re-emerge in the garden.

Here are eight of the best indoor Christmas plants to buy for yourself or loved ones this December. Our list includes colourful and fragrant poinsettias, Christmas roses and even real fir trees, which never fail to bring a festive feeling.

8 indoor Christmas plants we love

Nordmann Fir Christmas tree

Nordmann Fir Christmas tree on a white background

When it comes to indoor Christmas plants, you can’t get much more festive than a Christmas tree, so this choice had to be top of our list. At two foot tall, this British-grown fir is slightly smaller than your average, and makes an excellent tabletop decoration.

Alternatively, why not add it to your porch with some outdoor Christmas lights to welcome Christmas visitors into your home?

The Nordmann Fir is known for its impressive needle retention, as well as its attractive symmetrical shape, so this potted plant should look smart throughout the season.

In January, either re-pot it in a larger container or plant it in the garden to keep it alive.

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Christmas rose

Christmas rose on a black background

With its snowy white petals and warm yellow stamens, the Christmas rose (Helleborus niger) is a firm favourite among plant lovers during the festive season. As each flowerhead matures, the crisp white petals gain a pretty pink-toned flush.

Flowering through December to March, this rose is a classic indoor Christmas plant and looks lovely on windowsills and tabletops –keep it on the cool side. But add it to a shady garden border and it’ll survive for years.

Read our guide on how to grow hellebores.


Poinsettia plant in a silver pot on a white background

No list of the best indoor Christmas plants would be complete without a red poinsettia - also known as a ‘Christmas Star’. Its striking red bracts and pointed leaves make it ideal for festive displays, and it can last for months or even years with the right care.

As poinsettias come from Central America, they thrive in warm temperatures, so make sure you keep them away from draughty spots.

This particular poinsettia from FLOWERBX is a fantastic choice for gifting, as it arrives in the brand’s signature pot and you can choose a specific delivery date.


Cyclamen plant on a table

Cyclamen persicum is another highly popular indoor Christmas plant, with flowers that last for weeks and pretty marbled foliage. We love this vibrant red variety, but you could also go for a version with snowy white petals for a festive display.

Make sure the soil is moist but avoid overwatering to keep it looking happy and healthy.

Read more about how choose and care for cyclamen in our guide.

Christmas cactus

Christmas cactus on a table

Schlumbergera, or Christmas cactus, makes a lovely addition to any home during the festive period.

This eye-catching plant has flared white flowers with little pink ‘decorations’ at the end of each stem.

It’s also easy to look after and can live up to 20 years with the right care. Plus, it’ll arrive in an attractive zinc pot, ready to display.

Azalea tree

Azalea tree on a table

For a Christmas tree with a twist, try this fun evergreen azalea plant. The branches have been shaped into a conical tree-like form, mirroring the look of a classic fir tree.

This azalea arrives in bud, ready to produce full, double-flowered heads in either red or white. It’ll stand around 50cm-60cm tall, so it’s sure to make an impact in any room.

Plus, it comes in a zinc container, so you won’t have to hide an ugly plastic pot before putting it on display in your home. If you pot it on, be sure to use ericaceous compost. And ideally, water with rainwater.

Jasmine on a hoop

Jasmine hoop plant in a pot

The sellers of this live jasmine plant have taken inspiration from the Christmas wreaths we put on our doors to create this unusual hooped structure.

Thanks to its unusual look, the plant makes a thoughtful gift for loved ones around December.

Jasmine not only looks beautiful, with dainty white flowers on delicate green stems, but it also brings a heavenly scent into your home.

Red amaryllis

Red amaryllis plant on a table

Red, trumpet-shaped flowers on sturdy stalks make the amaryllis, or Hippeastrum, a truly striking houseplant. Amaryllis bulbs flower around eight weeks after planting, and this pre-potted plant will start flowering just a few weeks after it’s delivered, perfect for festive decorating.

With the right care, it’ll flower year after year, which makes it a sustainable gift option for loved ones to enjoy into the future. For more information, read our guides on how to pot amaryllis bulbs and how to care for amaryllis.


Remember, amaryllis plants are harmful if eaten, so always keep them away from pets.


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