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Large Mountain Spruce Christmas Wreath

Christmas garden decorations: 9 festive picks for your green space

Published: December 10, 2021 at 11:55 am

Bring the Christmas spirit to your garden with our selection of the best festive decorations

Christmas time is always a wonderful opportunity to make your garden stand out with a range of festive decorations.


There are plenty of ways to make your green space part of the celebrations, whether you plan to light up your paths with glowing globes, introduce make-shift animals onto your lawn, or hang baubles to your outdoor trees.

We've put together a selection of ornaments and elements that should bring the Christmas cheer to your garden and make your outdoor space feel a bit more festive on those cold, winter nights.

Christmas garden decorations to buy in 2021

LED Outdoor String Globe Lights

LED Outdoor String Lights

Ideal for creating an ambient atmosphere when tucking into food with guests on the patio, or lighting up your paths as the winter nights creep in. These LED globe lights should create a welcome glow wherever they're placed in your garden.

There are 60 bulbs in total (and three spares) which claim to save over 90% of energy compared to incandescent lamps.

They also boast a longer life than tungsten bulbs, with 30,000 hours of glow which shouldn't be cut short due to bad weather thanks to their weatherproof design, so you can appreciate the show whether you're sitting.

Large Mountain Spruce Christmas Wreath

Large Mountain Spruce Christmas Wreath

There's no better way to set a festive tone at this time of year than by placing a large wreath on your front door, and letting everyone in on the Christmas spirit.

Handmade using natural materials, this wreath features a combination of red holly berries, green leaves, and pine cones that have been foraged from the forest. The result is a lush display measuring 61cm in diameter that hangs from eco jute rope so it can be attached to the door of your choice.

Buy Large Mountain Spruce Christmas Wreath now from Not On The High Street

Outdoor Battery Star Christmas Silhouette

Outdoor Battery Star Christmas Silhouette

If you'd prefer to guide guests to your home with a shining star, you can opt for this hanging decoration instead.

Made up of 25 micro LEDs that are warm white in tone, they should be held firmly in place thanks to their metal frame which has been coated with an acrylic to create a frosty effect.

It's powered by three AA batteries so you wont have to worry about it being cut off from the mains, and it even has a timer built in so you can adjust the output of the glow.

Buy Outdoor Battery Star Christmas Silhouette now from lights4fun

Magical Wishing Tree

Indoor Outdoor Magical Wishing Tree

Made from hundreds of fairy lights, this glowing tree is formed from a brown plastic flex to create the realistic appearance of a rooted tree.

Available in both large and extra large sizes, the bigger tree has six branches and an impressive 1,500 micro LED bulbs to cast a Christmassy glow over your garden at night.

Although this decoration is lightweight enough to be picked up and placed anywhere in your garden (or even an entryway) it relies on an IP20 transformer and plug which must be kept indoors.

Buy Magical Wishing Tree now from Cox & Cox

Fabulously full potted fir tree

Fabulously Full Fir Tree

Place this portable fir tree anywhere in your garden to create a subtle glow and bring a festive ambience. Designed to look like the real thing, this synthetic tree is made from a mix of PE and PVC, and stands in a sturdy zinc pot.

There are 740 realistic fir tips in total, with 150 LED bulbs nestled in the branches to create a warm white twinkle at night.

Buy Fabulously Full Fir Tree now from Cox & Cox

Small bauble tealight holder

Small bauble tealight holder

After setting up your indoor Christmas tree why not decorate your outdoor trees too, with these transparent baubles from Crocus? Designed with ventilation holes, they can store any decoration you feel complements your green space, whether that's foliage, berries or even small tealights.

Due to the flat bottoms of the baubles they can also be placed on table surfaces as outdoor dining decorations, or hung up anywhere you fancy by using their integral loop.

Although you can choose any string of your choice, it's recommended you go for a thin wire or cable if you're fitting the bauble with a flame.

Buy Small bauble tealight holder now from Crocus

Merry Christmas Coir Doormat

Merry Christmas Coir Doormat on white background

Bring Christmas right into your home with this pair of festive welcome mats, perfect for your back and front doors.

It's made from natural coir coconut fibres which means dirt and mud should brush away easily, so it will keep a clean appearance. It also has a non-slip backing so it shouldn't budge when tread on, and when wiping your boots of any festive snowfall.

Buy Nicola Spring Merry Christmas Coir Doormat now from Wayfair

Outdoor Solar LED Wrought Iron Hollow String Lights

Outdoor Solar LED Wrought Iron Hollow String Lights

You can bring your garden trees to life at night with these solar LEDs that will store energy in the day in the built-in battery and then create a beautiful display well after the sun has set.

With a bauble style design to give them a festive flair, these lights come equipped with eight settings that range from a subtle, slow fade to a more dramatic flash. They are fully waterproof so they should be fine in bad weather, and are made to be drop-proof and resistant to overheating, so they should see you through the festivities.

Dawsons Living LED Pre-Lit Reindeer

Dawsons Living LED Pre-Lit Reindeer

Bring your green space to life this Christmas with a pre-lit stag that will seem to prance around your garden when it gets dark.

At 70 centimetres in height, this light-up design is made with a wire frame which has been fitted with white LEDs. These give it a cool, glowing appearance that should stand out on those cold, winter nights.


To ensure the ultimate brightness these lights are mains operated with a cable that is five metres in length, giving you plenty of scope to place this wherever you choose in your garden.


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