Owl puzzle

The best Christmas games for gardeners

We round up a selection of lovely garden-related games for Christmas gifts and festive fun

Christmas isn’t complete without games. Here are a selection of garden and wildlife-focused games for the festive season, from puzzles to bingo. For more Christmas gift ideas, head to our Christmas hub page and don’t miss our features on making your own Christmas wreaths and garden decorations. 


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Marsh Owl Jigsaw Puzzle, 1,000 pieces

Owl puzzle

£12.99, Angela Harding

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Gardening gift: Terrarium set


Travel backgammon and checkers game bag set

Travel backgammon

$48, Studio Nicco



12 Birds of Europe Bird Calls Gift Box

European bird calls

£185 by Quelle Est Belle, Moon Picnic



Bird Bingo

Bird bingo

£19.99, Waterstones

Natural Christmas decorations


Monopoly RSPB edition

RSPB monopoly

£34.99, RSPB.org.uk

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