Seedhead wreath

Seedhead wreath

Use foraged seeds and berries to make this beautiful natural wreath.


  • 25cm wire wreath base
  • 20cm x 90cm chicken wire
  • moss
  • 120 Clematis vitalba (old man’s beard) seedheads
  • 22 ivy flowers
  • 12 mistletoe berry clusters
  • 1.2m ribbon

To make

Seedhead wreath

To make the wreath use the chicken wire to form a flat-backed doughnut shape around the wire base. Secure with stub wire. Tighly stuff the cavity with moss. Cut clematis seedheads off the main stem, leaving stalks as long as possible. Push stalks into the moss as densely as possible. Add ivy flowers and mistletoe berries and tie a ribbon on the metal loop at the top.

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Styling by Kristy Ramage