Making your own wreath is a wonderful way to kick off the festive season and bring some creativity into your Christmas preparations.


Whether you'd like to be supplied with all of the elements to create your own wreath, or whether you just need a few bits and bobs to get you started, there will be a wreath making kit out there for you.

To get you inspired while waiting for your wreath making kit to be delivered, why not check out our piece on how to make your own wreath.

If you're feeling extra creative, why not have a go at making your own willow Christmas decorations or wrapping paper.

Wreath making kit: the best to buy

Wreath making kit supplies

Before you get started making your own wreath, you might like to buy some supplies to help you along the way. Although your kit will come with everything you need to make your wreath beautiful, you'll need some basic tools and perhaps some extra decorations, it is Christmas after all!

Niwaki Forged Snips

Niwaki forged snips

These forged snips from Japanese tool makers Niwaki would be the perfect accompaniment to a wreath making kit as well as being a super useful gardening tool for the rest of the year. They would be great for trimming foliage or cutting your own extra bits and bobs from the garden. These are drop forged from a single piece of metal making them incredibly strong and durable and the red handles mean that they won't get easily lost amongst the greenery on your potting bench. Take a look at our secateurs recommendations for other handy tools.

Dried Orange Slices

Dried orange slices

Dried orange slices make a lovely addition to any Christmas wreath. Lots of wreath kits come with dried fruit slices, but if yours doesn't then it may be worth picking up a packet. They add colour and a festive scent to wreaths and can also be used in other decorations around the house such as tablescapes and mantelpiece garlands. These thick-cut orange slices are affordable and if you have any left over, you could also use them to decorate your Christmas presents. Take a look at our handy guide on wrapping Christmas presents with natural materials for inspiration.

Natural Twine

Natural twine

Natural garden twine is always handy to have around, but would be especially useful to buy before you start making your own wreath. If you're buying one of the wreath kits below, it will most likely come with some twine or floristry wire, but it's always good to have a little extra in case you make any mistakes.

Wreath Making Kits to buy

We've rounded up some of the nicest wreath making kits on the market so that you can get in the festive spirit and create your own beautiful wreath for the front door.

'Hope' Wreath Making Kit

Hope wreath making kit from The Flower Boutique

A wreath making kit from The Flower Boutique is the perfect way to kick off the festive season. The kit includes everything you will need to make this stunning Christmas wreath and you can also add an optional wreath hanger in green or red and a glass spritz bottle to help keep your wreath fresh. Once you have purchased your wreath making kit you will also be provided with a video that has a step-by-step guide to help you create your wreath.

'Winter Forest' Wreath Making Kit

Winter Forest Wreath Making Kit

This wreath making kit from Bloom contains beautifully earthy colours and makes for a sophisticated wreath design. The 'Winter Forest Wreath' kit comes with fragrant Nordmann spruce, eucalyptus and conifer as well as lime slices and, pine cones and lichen branches.

More like this

'Blue and White' Wreath Making Kit

Christmas wreath making kit

This wreath making kit from Florence and Flowers on Etsy would make a great choice for someone who likes cooler colours and a more wintery look. The kit contains everything that's needed to make a full and beautiful wreath, including fresh foliage and sphagnum moss. Florence and Flowers are an independent floristry business based in Suffolk, so when you buy this wreath making kit you'll also be supporting a small business at the same time.

DIY Wreath Making Kit

DIY wreath making kit

This DIY wreath making kit from Peachy Blossom Flowers on Etsy would make a great pre-Christmas project. The kit comes with fresh foliage including ivy, spruce and a mix of textured foliage, all grown on the company's eco-farm in Derbyshire. The box will also include a selection of dried orange slices, whole oranges, pine cones, cinnamon sticks and dried flower heads. they recommend soaking the foliage in a bucket of water before creating your wreath, to ensure it stays fresh for longer.

'Berried Clementine' Wreath Making Kit

Berried clementine wreath making kit

This beautiful wreath making kit from Bloom encapsulates the Christmas spirit with a traditional clementine-filled design. Including Nordmann spruce, eucalyptus and mulled oranges, your wreath will be a striking addition to the front door. Access to a private video tutorial with florist Larry Walshe will guide you through the process of creating your wreath.

Christmas Wreath Making Kit

Wreath making kit supplies

This wreath making kit from Lichen and Berries on Etsy is a great affordable option for making your own wreath. It comes with all of the classic Christmas foliage that you'll need, along with a wreath base and a bag of living moss. The foliage is all hand-picked from the heart of Dartmoor and you'll be supporting a small business by opting for this kit.


If you're after more fun activities you can do at home, why not buy a growing kit to nurture your own plants?


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