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A steel knife with a wooden handle on a white background.

The best gardening knives for pruning and more

10 gardening knives for outdoor tasks

A high-quality gardening knife is an essential for a wide range of outdoor tasks, from trimming stems and snipping fruit to sawing branches and lifting bark. 


Often designed to be folded in half, they’re usually smaller and more convenient to store than a pair of secateurs or larger saw. So, they’re a useful tool to keep in your pocket as you go about your gardening jobs. 

We’ve rounded up 10 of the best gardening knives on the market to help you make your decision. 

How to choose a gardening knife

If you want your blade to stand the test of time, you’ll need to check your chosen product is  made with durable materials and suits your requirements. Gardening knives come in all shapes and sizes, so don’t rush to buy the first one you see. 

Most importantly, ask yourself how you’ll be mainly using your gardening knife, and then consider the following factors when browsing individual products:

  • Is it made from long-lasting, sustainable and rust-resistant materials?
  • Does it have an ergonomic handle?
  • Are there any safety settings, e.g. locking positions?
  • Is it suitable for left-handed use, if applicable?
  • Are there any accompanying accessories, e.g. carry case or knife sharpener? 

Best gardening knives for pruning, sawing and more

RHS Classic Pruning Knife

Best for general plant pruning

A steel knife with a wooden handle on a white background.

The premium tool retailer Burgon & Ball has partnered with the Royal Horticultural Society to develop this classic pruning knife. The 9cm high-carbon steel blade folds into a 10cm, FSC-certified oak handle with a rust-resistant, solid brass housing. 

High-quality materials, combined with the hook-shaped blade, should allow for clean, sharp cuts. 

Darlac Sabre Tooth Folding Saw

Best for sawing small branches and other tough materials

A folding red and black hand saw on a white background

For more demanding jobs, try this Darlac saw. It has teeth to help you slice through tough materials like tree branches, fibre board and even PVC pipes. And it should produce a clean enough cut to remove the need for sanding afterwards. 

You can lock the knife in both the open and closed positions, and use it with either your right or left hand.

Budding and Pruning Knife

Best for multi-tasking and easy storage

A knife case, sharpener and knife on a wooden table.

If you have lots of trees in your garden, this knife could come in handy, allowing you to complete multiple jobs with just one tool. It comes with a classic curved budding blade (7cm x 2cm) and a straight grafting knife featuring a bark lifter (7cm x 1.5cm). 

The blades are made from high-quality stainless steel and the whole tool weighs just 178g, so it’s easy and convenient to transport. 

Hori Hori tool

Best for uprooting plants

A hori hori knife on a white background.

Lightweight but incredibly strong and durable, the Japanese hori hori tool is an essential for any avid gardener. With its straight blade, you can easily dig and uproot plants.

This one comes with a belt sheath, but it also has a black handle with a slat opening, so it’s easy to store from a hook too.

Felco Victorinox General Purpose Knife

Best for versatility

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This general purpose knife from Felco has the classic Swiss stamp of quality on it and can be used for a wide variety of different tasks, indoors and out. It comes with a tough nylon handle and an 8.5cm-long blade constructed from high-carbon steel.

In short, this knife is a great choice if you’re after a compact, lightweight tool you can easily tuck away in your pocket.

Niwaki Moku Folding Knife

Best for woodworking and easy grip

A folding knife with a wooden handle on a white background.

Here’s a beautifully designed knife made with Aogami #2 Blue Paper steel. It’s designed for use in a multitude of tasks, from gardening to woodworking and crafts, and it’s fitted with a single bevel, which provides brilliant precision.

Plus, the plywood handle is easy to grip and the blade folds away for easy storage.

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Victorinox Floral Knife

Best for cutting flowers


This green pocket knife is perfect for light cutting and trimming jobs, and it would be a bright addition to any gardening tool kit.

It’s designed with Swiss precision, and would make a lovely gift to any budding horticulturist; you can add a personalised laser engraving for £3.99.

Burgon & Ball Sophie Conran Pocket Knife

Best slimline pocket knife for easy storage and portability


If you want to save space in your toolbox, Sophie Conran’s ultra-slimline pocket knife for Burgon & Ball would be a great choice. It’s made with stainless steel and fitted with solid brass rivets, and the curved blade should allow for quick, one-motion cuts.

Opinel No.8 Garden Knife

Best for style and ergonomic grip


For classic design and great ergonomics, go for the Opinel No.8 Garden Knife. It has a varnished beech handle and an 8.5cm pointed blade constructed from Sandvik 12C27 modified stainless steel. Use it for cutting stems, snipping twine and pruning.

National Trust Burgon & Ball Patio Weeding Knife

Best for de-weeding patios

A patio weeding knife on a white background.

For this gardening knife, Burgon & Ball collaborated with the National Trust. The handy weeding tool has a sleek, dark handle made from FSC-certified hardwood and a strong, leather cord for easy hanging.

The slanted tip of the knife is ideal for scraping weeds out of the gaps between paving slabs, so you can return your patio to its former glory in no time.


Buy Burgon & Ball Patio Weeding Knife from the National Trust