It's no secret certain botanicals make fantastic skincare and beauty product ingredients, with their beautiful scents and health benefits. After a long day in the garden caring for your plants, your skin deserves some TLC too, and botanical skincare is a top choice!

We've pulled together the best botanical skincare so you can fill your wash bag and cabinet with gorgeous smelling creams, oils, mists and hand washes. So whether you need a new hand cream to keep chapped hands at bay, or an evening oil to revive your skin, we've got you and your beauty needs covered with the best botanical skincare!

Here's our list of the best botanical items for even more flower power!

The best botanical skincare for 2023

Neighbourhood Botanicals Facial Oil

Night oil

Having a bedtime beauty regime in place is a lovely way to wind down after a long and stressful day! This Dream Dream Dream night oil from Neighbourhood Botanicals aims to regenerate skin cells and re-plump your skin as you enter a blissful slumber. It's recommended you apply it to a damp and clean face, and you'll just need a few drops. You can warm up the oil between your fingers before patting onto your skin. This soothing oil can also be applied in addition to your favourite moisturiser.

With moringa, rosehip, geranium, chamomile and cedarwood, expect a heavenly scent!

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Tea Tree Facial Wash

Tea tree facial wash

If you enjoy the punchy, cleansing and refreshing nature of tea tree oil, this Body Shop facial wash is bound to be a hit! You can use it both morning and night, so you can easily build this botanical skincare product into your daily routine. Just massage into wet skin before rinsing and feel the purifying effects!

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It's ideal for oily and blemished skin, and it's sure to remove any garden dirt you've collected after a day of planting bulbs and seeds! It's a neat 250ml bottle, so you can easily chuck it in your bag when you're on the road!

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Botanics for Men Sensitive Moisturiser

Men's moisturiser

With a gentle and nourishing formula, this moisturiser is designed for men with sensitive skin. You can use it after shaving to help protect and sooth your skin. It's formulated with clary sage, aloe vera and Vitamin E, so it should leave your skin feeling refreshed and hydrated.

It's worth noting, this product is fragrance-free so if you want to feel the benefits of botanicals, without the scent, this could be your solution!

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Liz Earle Orange Flower Hand Wash

Hand wash

Having a special and fruity hand wash in your bathroom always goes down well, and it's nice to treat your guests to a pleasant handwashing experience! This Liz Earle orange flower botanical hand wash comes in a convenient pump bottle so it's easy to use, particularly for gardeners with soil-covered hands! It's the prefect way to make sure your hands are clean and soft while smelling fabulous too!

Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Botanical Cleansing Oil

Midnight recovery oil

Ideal for removing the dreaded panda eyes, this cleansing oil is made with squalane, evening primrose oil and lavender essential oil. If you enjoy getting through a number of products before jumping into bed, this botanical skincare product is best suited as a first step. It's suitable for removing eye makeup and stubborn mascara when applied to a cotton pad, so you should be able to save your lovely white towels from frustrating black blotches!

Burt's Bees Hand Cream Trio Set

Hand cream gift set

A reliable hand cream is a must for those with green fingers! Renowned for their love of nature, and popular skincare delights and goodies, Burt's Bees is a wonderful choice! This set of three hand creams would make a stunning gift, and the creams sound good enough to eat! In the neat gift box you'll find lavender and honey, orange blossom and pistachio, and rosemary and lemon. In addition to this, all of the creams contain shea butter so you can keep your hands feeling incredibly soft.

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Aurelia Probiotic Botanical Facial Mist

Facial mist

If you're not a fan of creams and oils, and fancy something a little lighter, a facial mist could do the trick! It's easy to use, simply shake the bottle, close your eyes and spritz away! It can be used on your face and neck, and it works well after cleansing. It's designed to energise and invigorate your skin and contains a winning combination of geranium, cedarwood, fennel and magnolia.

Aveda Botanical Kinetics Creme

Green tub of moisturiser

This intense hydrating rich creme is for dry to very dry skin, and aims to help your skin retain its moisture. It could be useful during winter as the chilly weather can often cause rough and dry skin. The rich and velvety texture could be just what your skin is craving after a day in the garden, battling the elements. You can use it on your face, neck and décolleté, both morning and evening, after cleansing.

This botanical skincare product contains a seashore plant called salicornia herbacea, which helps skin absorb moisture.

Pure Radiance Oil

Bottle of radiance oil

If you're keen to get rid of fine lines and keep your skin hydrated, this botanical skincare product from True Botanicals is worth considering! It contains an impressive 14 seed oils as well as algae extract and astaxanthin to help your skin feel plump and youthful. Expect subtle scents of rose and jasmine, so it shouldn't be too overpowering.

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