Hot and grubby from a day out in the garden? You could save a trip indoors by embracing garden showers, with your very own outdoor shower set-up. Whether you want a full wash, just a scrub down or a quick and efficient way of cleaning your boots or tools, you will get more use out of a garden shower than you might initially think. They're handy for cleaning muddy or smelly dogs (no mess inside) and outdoor showers are always a big hit with kids too, especially in the summer.


Read on for our selection of the best garden showers, each with their own unique selling point. And while we're on the topic of water, why not check out our selection of the best watering cans and the best water butts to buy.

The best outdoor showers for your garden in 2023

Eucalyptus wood shower

Another wooden option here, this time from vidaXL, made from eucalyptus hardwood which is a very durable material. The finish is smooth and easy to clean after use. The shower head is made from steel and is adjustable to a range of heights - it's quick to assemble too. The warm wooden exterior and clean lines make it a safe and stylish choice of outdoor shower.

The vidaXL outdoor shower measures 210cm in height and works by connecting to a garden hose.

Seletti Aquart lux outdoor shower

This copper and cement garden shower from Seletti is very easy to install and measures 220cm in height. It would make a great choice for style-savvy gardeners due to its sleek, copper finish and retro-inspired design. The knob has been designed in the style of old-school taps and the red water inlet controller adds an industrial vibe, while the colours are reminiscent of contemporary interiors.

This shower would look great against a complementing concrete or brick wall, or juxtaposing against your lawn or plants. The sturdy, cement base also ensures it doesn't topple over in windy weather, so you can leave it out without worrying, or if preferred, it can easily be taken apart if you wish to store it away.

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  • £172

Buy the Seletti Aquart lux outdoor shower from Made in Design

Solok freestanding outdoor shower

If you're wanting more of a statement outdoor shower, this freestanding shower from Wayfair might tick the box. It's made from long-wearing teak hard wood which has been seasoned, kiln-dried and sanded for an ultra-smooth finish. The base is non-slip, making it a safe choice and a great outdoor pool shower that can be left outside without a stress.

The shower head itself is made from stainless steel and the large head ensures a good, thorough body wash. The Solok freestanding outdoor shower measures 204cm in height and weighs 15kg.

Milano Vigo outdoor shower

Milano Vigo Outdoor Shower on white background

Whether you’re looking for a refreshing outdoor shower or simply want to rinse your boots, this outdoor unit has you covered, with a conventional head as you’d expect as well as a separate foot spout so you clean yourself with ease and avoid tracking muddy footprints into your home.

Made from quality 304 grade stainless steel this unit is made to last, just be sure to drain the water in the winter to protect it from frost.

This product is now discontinued, find similar showers from Milano at Amazon

Platzer garden shower

Platzer Garden Free Standing Outdoor Shower on white background

Made from hardwood and fir wood, materials known for their weather resistance and durability, the Platzer Garden shower can hold its own against sunlight, rain and frost, which means it’ll be well protected whatever the weather.

It has a rotatable shower nozzle as well as the option to adjust water pressure, so you can choose between a casual rinse or a thorough wash.

Chrome thermostatic outdoor shower tower

Want the full works? The Milano Niagra chrome thermostatic outdoor shower tower should do the trick. This outdoor shower comes with both hand and body jets (five jets in total!) with a rainfall setting and waterfall setting for the shower head, as well as two massaging body jet settings. This isn't just a shower, it's a spa.

Made from hard-wearing stainless steel, this outdoor shower is a great choice for those wanting their outdoor shower to be a permanent fixture all year round. The thermostatic temperature control means you can have a safely hot shower, even as the temperature drops outside! It also handily comes with a ten year warranty. Measures 165cm in height and must be wall-mounted.

Pasaia outdoor shower

This super-stylish, contemporary outdoor shower comes from the forward-thinking French garden manufacturer, Fermob and Mermelada Estudio, a young design studio based in Barcelona. Together, they have designed a truly eye-catching shower! Their Pasaia outdoor shower has also been made with an eco-design; it has been built with non-toxic materials and the metal is recyclable.

The shower is easily assembled and connects to a hosepipe. The teardrop shaped bottom creates a non-slip base and the tripod format gives it a sturdy frame. The Pasaia outdoor shower measures 205cm in height and weighs 45kg.

Buy the Pasaia outdoor shower now from Madeindesign

Röshults garden shower

  • £5,448

Just when we thought we couldn't possibly encounter any more inventive outdoor shower designs... we found this. The incredibly striking Röshults outdoor shower is a work of art in itself, created by two Swedish designers. The perforated top bar creates a rainshower effect which is extremely soothing, and it can be easily connected to a hosepipe.

The shower frame is made from stainless steel and the base from teak making it a hardwearing item, as well as aesthetically pleasing. It's not cheap, but it is a looker! The height is 215cm.

Buy Röshults garden shower from Finnish Design Shop

Symple Stuff solar shower

Symple Stuff Free Standing Outdoor Shower on white background

This sophisticated outdoor shower by Symple Stuff uses solar power energy to heat the water so you can find the temperature that works best for you. Enjoy a hot wash-down from the comfort of your garden with up to 8 litres of water thanks to the water tank that comes attached.

It has an adjustable spray, and a shower head that can be detached for added convenience.

Serpentine stainless steel garden shower

The Serpentine outdoor shower from Weltevree, known for their high-quality outdoor design products, is a minimalist, modest garden shower, great for those not wanting anything too fussy. It can be easily transported around your garden and its simple yet stylish design will make it look good anywhere outdoors. It connects to a garden hose, making it a great hit with kids and teenagers wanting some water fun in the summer.

Its cleverly designed foot gives it a stable base and its stainless steel properties give it a classic appearance and make it long-wearing. It measures 212 centimetres in height and can be easily assembled in a flash (it weighs just 5kg) - especially handy if you need to quickly wash down a muddy pup!

  • £255.90

Buy the Serpentine stainless steel garden shower from Connox

Fieldshow'r mobile outdoor shower

This stylish, one-of-a-kind outdoor shower has been designed by the Belgian firm Tradewinds. Its minimal yet luxe design will instantly add interest and charm to your garden, even before you start using it. The shower is made from galvanised and powder-coated iron tubes with a stainless steel spear and pedal which help you to firmly plant the Fieldshow'r directly into soil. It can be easily connected to a garden hose.

The shower head and taps are made from brass, and the head produces a waterfall-esque stream of water, great for a thorough wash. Even better, the shower head can be adjusted to come down to foot level so boots can also get a good cleaning. The Fieldshow'r measures 220cm in height and weighs in at 10kg.

  • €351 (subject to VAT)

Buy Fieldshow'r mobile outdoor shower now from TradeWinds

Dakota Fields freestanding outdoor shower

Dakota Fields Free Standing Outdoor Shower on white background

For a sturdy base and an unconventional shower shape, this will not only keep you clean but will work as a stand-out feature in a contemporary, stylish garden. It has a range of water flow options including rainfall, waterfall, and massage, which can be easily selected via a knob on the base.

Although a unique set-up, this is apparently easy to assemble, so you’ll be able to hop in right away.

Kärcher garden shower

Kärcher 2.645-181.0 Garden Shower on a white background

If you’re looking for something cheap, easy and convenient, the Kärcher garden shower might be the best outdoor option for you. Quick to use, with just a 3 minute set-up, this garden shower provides the option of an adjustable height, and a 2-in1 watering lance which means it can easily adapt to your needs. You can also save on water with the fine shower jet which boasts significantly less water consumption than cooling yourself off with a regular garden hose.

Packing the shower away is just as simple as setting it up, and can be stored neatly out of the way, ready for the next heatwave.

Solar garden shower

With this solar powered outdoor shower, you’ll be able to reach water temperatures of 60° without using any electricity, relying solely on optimum solar radiation, with the option of adjusting the temperature using the chromed single lever mixer.

The base is made from metal which means you’ll be able to have a stable shower, with no concern that the unit will be too much of a hefty burden as it’s still easy enough to dismantle and transport if you want to set up elsewhere.

  • £119.95

Poly Rattan WPC garden shower

This outdoor shower is both eco-friendly and durable, fitted with a post made up of polyethylene rattan which is fully recyclable, and a floor made from WPC (a wood-plastic composite) which is known for its durability in sunlight, rain and frost.

With the option to rotate the shower nozzle and adjust the levels of water pressure, you’ll be able to make the water flow work for you.

Blumfeldt Sumatra Breeze garden shower

A unique, space-saving outdoor shower that provides water from the base to keep you cool and clean during the summer months. Simply connect a garden hose and begin using the shower via a foot-operated adjusting wheel which turns the water on and off, and regulates the fountains of water up to a height of 4 metres.

The base is made from anodised aluminium and features a handy, non-slip top made of wood-plastic composite. Overall the shower is made from 60% wood in a bid to protect natural resources, which means it holds the additional features of being insensitive to mould, frost, water and UV radiation, and an easy material to clean.

Dakota Fields freestanding garden shower

Dakota Fields Free Standing Outdoor Shower on white background

Switch between a relaxing rainfall or a practical, handheld showerhead with this freestanding outdoor shower from Dakota Fields. Made from durable stainless steel it has a brushed finish that complements the simple, solid design.


The shower panel is easy to assemble and includes mounting accessories to ensure it stays in one place.


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