Keeping our lawns and paths clear of leaves and garden debris can become a gruelling task, particularly in the autumn months. Leaf grabbers make the dreaded job a little easier and less of a chore. Affordable, and both easy to use and store, leaf grabbers allow for a faster and more productive garden clear up session, so you can spend more time completing the gardening jobs you love.


What are leaf grabbers?

Leaf grabbers let you shovel and pick up lots of leaves in one sweeping motion, a sort of rake and shovel in one. A simple piece of kit to help you clear your lawn in a more efficient way.

What are the different types of leaf grabber?

There are two different leaf grabber options to consider: the glove style and the long-handled style. As the name suggests, you can wear the former in a glove-like fashion and protect your hands from wet leaves and slugs as you remove large handfuls of leaves from pathways. The latter are more suited to those with bad backs, as you can pick up garden waste without bending over. In a scissor-like movement, you can bunch leaves together before dumping them into a garden waste bag.

What to do with your garden leaves

Once you've gathered your leaves, why not have a go at making your own leaf mould? By far the most eco-friendly way to deal with leaves, and incredibly easy to do. Simply put the leaves in a black bin liner, moisten them if they are dry, and make some holes in the plastic with a garden fork. Leave the bag somewhere out of sight, such as behind the shed, to break down for up to two years, and use as a soil conditioner for your garden – a hassle-free winter gardening task. Mowing over the leaves with a lawnmower will break them up and help them rot down more quickly. You can also make a frame of chicken wire and add the leaves to that. You can also add old leaves to your compost bin.

Best leaf grabbers for 2023

We've included a mix of both leaf grabber designs in our roundup so you can find a suitable match for your needs and outdoor space. For more ways to keep your garden nice and tidy, explore the best garden shredders and the best autumn tidying kit for your garden.

Spear and Jackson leaf grabbers

Spear and Jackson leaf grabbers

These long-handled leaf grabbers feature non-slip grip to allow for a productive leaf clearing session. Expect a sleek and professional-looking product from popular brand Spear and Jackson.

While they're on the more expensive end of the scale as leaf grabbers go, with plenty of five star reviews and from such a trusted brand, they're likely to be a worthwhile investment. And of course, as a long-handled design you can avoid reaching down and keep any pesky back niggles at bay.

When you're not clearing leaves, use them for moving grass clippings after an afternoon on your ride-on mower.

GardenHOME leaf grabbers

GardenHOME leaf scoops

For the glove style leaf grabbers, give this yellow pair from gardenHOME a try. Thanks to the adjustable handles, they'll fit a range of hands sizes and their polycarbonate material means they're lightweight and easy to clean. There's a hook for easy storage, and they should be easy to find in a cluttered shed thanks to the bright colour.

Jumbo leaf grabbers

Another hand held option to consider, this time from Cotton Traders. These leaf grabbers measure 34cm x 50cm so they're a decent size, ideal for picking up plenty of mulch, garden waste and leaves in one go. Rather than strapping your hands in like the design above, there's a handle to hold so you can get clearing in no time. The scalloped edge should also help with successful scooping.

Darlac Grab-n-Lift

red long-handled leaf grabbers

Get rid of twigs, or even snow in the winter with these long-handled leaf grabbers from Darlac. This model features moulded grip handles for added comfort and they'd work particularly well for long hedge trimmings. Bunch up your garden debris and place in a wheelbarrow, easy.

Clear n Collect garden leaf grabbers

Leaf grabbers

If you find you're constantly wading through lots of leaves and unsightly garden waste and you're looking for something more substantial than the gloves design, this large capacity leaf grabber and collector could be a useful addition to your tool shed.

The teeth on the bottom of the rake ensure a more thorough clean up, and the two hinged scoops come together so you can move a hefty amount of garden waste. A clever design and one to think about if you're fed up of suffering from backache after a day in the garden.

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Tool Station leaf grabbers

Green leaf grabbers

For a budget-friendly pick, these leaf grabbers are well-reviewed, praised for their value for money and effective nature. A no-fuss, straightforward design to get the job done.

If you're worried about the comfort of the hard plastic, why not try them with a pair of trusty gardening gloves?


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