You may have just packed away your lawn mower for the winter, but it’s a great time to invest in a new model for next year. If your mower has seen better days and you’re looking for a replacement, why not shop in the Black Friday sales?

We’ve done all the hard work and scoured the internet to find the best Black Friday lawn mower sales, and even picked out some of the most impressive deals. Scroll down to find out more.

When is Black Friday 2022?

Black Friday 2022 is on the 25th November, but the sales will stretch across the whole month. Although customers will rush to pick up the best deals, there are plenty of opportunities to save money on expensive items like lawn mowers. Once the big day is over, you can still grab a bargain in the Cyber Monday sales.

Where will the best Black Friday lawn mower deals be?

Browse Black Friday deals at these sites:

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The best early Black Friday lawn mower deals

Lawnmower CLM50 (RRP £599.99)

Lawnmower CLM50

This cordless lawnmower from Gtech has an amazing 58% off at the moment. The CLM50 runs for 40 minutes on one charge and is very lightweight, coming in at just 13.5kg.

You can even adjust the cutting height to mow your lawn exactly how you'd like it. Gtech also offers a 2-year warranty and free next day delivery. Sounds pretty great to us!

Bosch Rotak 32R (RRP £109.99)

Bosch Rotak 32R Electric Rotary Lawnmower on a white background

With a total weight of 6.8kg and two top-mounted handles, the Bosch Rotak 32R is easy to move around the garden. It’s designed for small and medium-sized spaces but has a roomy 31L grass box for clippings, so you won’t have to empty it very often.

This model also makes mowing easy, thanks to its grass comb for mowing along walls and borders, and its powerful 1200W motor to help cut through long grass.

You can also adjust the cutting height between 2cm and 6cm.

Flymo Turbo Lite 250 Electric Hover (RRP £89.99)

Flymo Turbo Lite 250 Electric Hover Lawn Mower on a white background

Coming in at under 6kg and able to hover above the ground for easy manoeuvrability, Flymo’s Turbo Lite 250 takes the effort out of mowing small lawns. It sits on a cushion of air to glide over bumps and slopes for a smooth cut.

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Plus, you can fold it down for easy storage in sheds and garages.

As for the technical specifications, you’ll get a 25cm cutting width and adjustable 11-31mm cutting height. You can also operate the mower from either side of the handle, so it’s perfect for left-handed or ambidextrous gardeners.

Greenworks G24X2LM41K4X Cordless (RRP £329.99)

Greenworks G24X2LM41K4X Cordless Lawnmower and batteries on a white background

Designed with a battery-powered engine, this lawn mower from Greenworks is a convenient option. You'll avoid faffing around with cables and petrol; just top up the battery pack and you're good to go. Once fully charged, the mower can cut up to 440 square metres of grass in one go.

This model also has an impressive six different cutting heights and an option mulching setting, which distributes the clippings across your lawn.

Flymo EasiStore 300R (RRP £284.99)

Flymo EasiStore 300R lawn mower on a white background

Another popular lawn mower from leading brand Flymo, this model is worth considering for Black Friday. It's currently in Amazon's November sale with over 40% off.

Despite having a large 30L grass box to collect the clippings, this mower folds up for easy storage. It also has a 30cm cutting width and adjustable cutting heights between 2 and 6cm.

Flymo EasiLife 500 (RRP £814.99)

Flymo EasiLife 500 Robotic Lawn Mower on a white background

Always dreamt of having your own robot lawn mower? Maybe now is the time to make the leap, as you could save up to 20% on the Flymo EasiLife 500 - an Amazon bestseller.

This nifty little model is ideal for maintaining gardens up to 500 square metres in size. It'll tackle the job on its own, and can cope with 35% gradients on uneven lawns.

Once you've set up your preferred controls using the handy app, you can rest assured it'll keep your garden in tip-top condition. It even has a temperature monitor to pause trims when the weather turns frosty.

Murray 36V 44cm Cordless (RRP £439)

Murray 36V 44cm Cordless Mower on a white background

Murray's 36V cordless lawn mower has a brushless motor to extend its lifespan and reduce noise when cutting. It can cover up to 640 square metres, so it's suitable for large gardens, and its battery will last around 35 minutes when fully charged.

As an added bonus, this mower folds up, making it easy to store in cramped sheds and garages.

Einhell Power X-Change Cordless (RRP £199.95)

Einhell GE-CM 18/33 Li Power X-Change Cordless Lawn Mower on a white background

Amazon’s early Black Friday lawn mower sale is your chance to get this cordless Einhell model at 24% off. It’s one of the brand’s high-performance Power X-Change products, which all share the same rechargeable battery system.

This mower is perfect for small and medium-sized gardens up to 200 square metres in size. It’s fitted with a 30L grass box, complete with a handy fill-level indicator to let you know when it needs emptying.

Other impressive features include the five cutting height options, between 25mm and 65mm, and the three handle height settings to help you work comfortably.

Bosch AHM 38 G Manual (RRP £74.99)

Bosch AHM 38 G Manual Garden Lawn Mower on a white background

If you want to avoid the hassle of topping up petrol tanks and plugging in cables, Bosch’s manual mower could be perfect for you.

An eco-friendly option, it uses only mechanical parts, including five helical steel blades, to trim your grass with a neat scissor-like motion. Meanwhile, the large 25L grass box at the back collects all the clippings for you.

Thanks to the 7kg weight and high-geared side wheels, you shouldn’t have much trouble pushing the mower around your garden. There’s even a rear roller to create smart stripes on your lawn as you mow.

Hyundai 15" / 38cm Corded Electric (RRP £159.99)

Hyundai 15 38cm Corded Electric 1600w 230v lawn mower on a white background

You might think of Hyundai primarily as a car manufacturer, but it also sells garden power tools like lawn mowers. This one is currently in the Black Friday sale at 20% off, so it's worth investing now if you want to grab a new model.

It comes with a 40L grass catcher box, but you can also use its in-built mulching feature, which distributes the clippings around your lawn. Other handy additions include the 10m power cable and the five different cutting heights, allowing you to tailor the trim to your own requirements.

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