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Best Boot Scraper Dibor

10 of the best boot scrapers

Keep your boots clean this season. Here’s our selection of the best boot scrapers and boot brushes.

Nobody wants dirt trodden through the floors of their house, especially this season, when the cold, wet weather produces particularly mucky shoes. The best provision against mud-caked hallways is a good old-fashioned boot scraper, installed outside your porch or front door.


There are plenty of beautiful traditional boot scrapers available – those that offer you a flat metal edge to scrape your soiled soles on. But there are lots of other options available too, which incorporate extra features. Many boot scrapers nowadays actually employ brushes that you can use on the upper parts of shoes. Others also have a jack, to help you slide your shoes off your feet. You can even get larger ones with long poles to offer you support, and somewhere to hang your boots.

There are a lot of boot scrapers out there to choose from. Which is right for you? Read on for our list of 10 of the best boot scrapers and boot scraper brushes – your carpets will thank you later.

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10 of the best boot scrapers for removing mud


Brambly Cottage Carlita Boot Scraper

Best Boot Srcraper Brambly Cottage

This traditional-style boot scraper is made of solid steel, and is coated in black polyester paint. The two spiralling columns add a touch of decoration to what otherwise is a mostly functional-looking boot scraper. It has a large sheet base to keep it in place, but there are screw holes if you want to fix it into place outside your door.

  • £43.99

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Dibor Gardener’s Cast Iron Boot Scraper

Best Boot Scraper Dibor

This three-in-one boot scraper is made of cast iron, and is decorated with a fleur-de-lys pattern, giving it an antique feel. The brush is made of coir (coconut fibre, which is common with scrapers), and the metal is finished in a tasteful brown colour. The grill will give your soles a good once-over, while the ornate scraper is intended for more rigorous cleaning.

  • £32


Iris Hantverk Outdoor Doormat Bristle Scraper

Best Boot Scraper Iris Hantverk

Swedish company Iris Hantverk has an interesting history: founded in the late nineteenth century, the business would employ visually impaired craftspeople to create its products. This tradition continues to this day to every last product – including this minimally stylish boot scraper, which can be used in place of a doormat to give both the soles and sides of your shoes a thorough clean.

  • £35.99


Muddybootz Square Pattern Shoe Cleaner

Best Boot Scraper Muddybootz

This shoe cleaner from Muddybootz also uses a pole for support – but the chief difference with this scraper is that it has two brush cleaners, meaning two people can use it at once. It’s also made of weatherproof steel, and while it certainly favours function over looks, looks likely to stand the test of time and repeated use.

  • £130.80

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English Heritage Sparrow Cast Iron Boot Scraper

Best Boot Scraper English Heritage Sparrow

This rather adorable iron boot scraper from English Heritage is straightforward in design: you simply push the stake into soft ground near your doorway. We love the quaint bird-and-leaf design – we’re not saying you have to live in a picturesque cottage to buy this, but it would certainly look the part there.

  • £12

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Poppy Forge Boot Rack and Scraper

Poppy forge Boot Scraper

This steel, hand-forged scraper from Poppy Forge is a four-in-one. Not only does it feature a boot cleaner, boot jack and a central support pole, but also four ball-topped rods where you can leave not one, but two sets of boots. Perfect for couples who find themselves kicking off their mucky wellies on a regular basis.

  • £60.99

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Garden Selections Cast Iron Hedgehog Boot Brush

Best Boot Scraper Hedgehog

Another cute animal-themed boot scraper, this one with a spiky little guy who looks almost as bristly as the coir boot brush itself. The hedgehog has a flat back, so this is intended to be placed flush against the wall of your home. We think this would make a lovely Christmas gift. And perhaps it will inspire you to build your very own hedgehog house.

  • £13.99

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House of Bruar Oat Boot Scraper

Best Boot Scraper House Of Bruar

If you’re a little unsteady on your feet, or could simply use some support while cleaning your boots at the end of a long walk, then this oak boot scraper from House of Bruar might be the one for you. It has an 89cm-high wooden pole for you to support yourself while using both the five-brush cleaner section, and the tilted jack on the other side.

  • £129.95

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Woodside Three in One Boot Brush, Jack And Scraper

Best Boot Scraper Woodside

By contrast, this cast-iron three-in-one scraper from Woodside has more of an antique feel. The grill will sort out your soles, those coir brushes will clean the sides of shoes, and that U-shaped jack will help you ease them off. Its two rear legs keep it on a conveniently tiltled angle for use.

  • £14.95


Lako Cleaner Boot Tray and Scraper

Best Boot Scraper Lako

We end our round-up on a distinctly practical note. It might not have the antique or homely charm of others on this list, but this rubber boot scraper from Lako looks like it will stand up to repeated – and aggressive – use. A good choice for families and homes with a steady stream of dirty shoes. 

  • £38.99

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