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Best outdoor ovens for the garden

Garden ovens are the perfect way of enjoying your open air space all the more. Here are nine of the best outdoor ovens


Pumice Garden Fireplace


This grand design is available in 3 sizes and can be customised to suit all your design desires. With log retainers, chimney clocks, modules for fireplace and more, you have everything you need with included oven kit. Schiedel are renowned for their high-quality durable ovens that are made from insulating volcanic pumice, sourced from the Hekla Volcano in Iceland. This means they can be placed near other garden elements and won’t get too hot. Plus they’re as stylish as they are impressive in performance.


Schiedel, The Volcanic Pumice Garden Fireplace, prices start from £1191


Traditional dome shape pizza oven


Traditional design, dome shaped main oven, suitable for cooking one pizza at a time, its wood burning, one firing oven can cook up to 2 or 3 pizzas. Made from natural clay, with no added painting or glaze, the main oven is fragile. But if you’re after an authentic clay oven, this would look super upon a black stand or brick base; and is sure to impress your guests.

Pizzaro Dome Shaped Pizza Oven by Gardeco, £529.99


Charcoal and Wood Pizza Oven


An ideal solution if you wish to have both charcoal and wood burning options. This impressive oven can cook a range of tasty dishes form pizzas, casseroles, to fish and meat. The large domed oven is coated in quality stainless steel to increased heat retention, and the brick surface is perfectly suited for cooking fresh pizzas on. It’s easy to look after and clean; simply use a soft sponge and simply fire up the oven on high heat with no food inside to give it a thorough clean if you so desire.

La Haciendo Milano Charcoal and Wood Pizza Oven, £407 at B&Q


Portable pizza oven

NEWScreenshot 2021-04-22 at 09.22.14

Ooni are famed for their top-notch pizza ovens. The iconic, sleek, stylish design delivers a powerful performance. A 10mm stone baking board comes with the oven, and the it boasts an impressive 40x40cm cooking surface. Its commercial grade carbons steel shell can withstand a high heat and is durable thanks to its powder coated finish. Included safety features that give that extra peace of mind are a built-in flame safety device (FSD). It’s so compact it can easily be transported thanks to its portable design. Perfect for popping round to a garden party invite or storing away for winter. Gas-powered, the Ooni Koda can be used with large propane tanks and smaller ones with a suitable adaptor.

Ooni Koda 16” Portable Gas Powered Oven, £500


Outdoor oven with grill

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If you’re not looking for a huge, high-tech pizza oven, this is an ideal option. A contemporary design, that looks similar to a chimenea, it’s tall and sleek with a slick black matte finish. With an included pull-out tray and grill, there is ample space for a wood burning fire. Perfect for lighting up and enjoying the lighter evenings with friends and family, you can pop on a few treats to toast thanks to the handy grill included. Creating an ambient atmosphere and added heat, which can be most welcome during the unpredictable British summer weather.

Outdoor oven with grill, £499 


Egg shape


The original and classic design from popular company, Big Green Egg. This small, but powerful oven is capable of cooking a range of treats. Customise to your needs with the included selection of accessories such as, a fire grate, cooking grid, fire box and fire ring. Thanks to top-notch technology, it has a patented airflow system that enables the oven to from 0-300C in an incredible 20 minutes. Plus, it’s light enough to transport and pack away.

Minimax Big Green Egg, from £780


Traditional design

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Ready to use, a more affordable and practical option than the other build-your-own outdoor ovens available from this coveted company. Taking only 20 minutes to heat up, you have an impressive 4 hours to cook up as many pizzas as you like thanks to brilliant heat retention. If you’re short on space in your garden and want to eliminate the hassle of any building work, the Primo Go can be set up and assembled in as little as 20 minutes as used with the Primo Stand., available to purchase separately.

The Primo 60 Go Oven, from £799


Charcoal BBQ

Robert Dyas

For a modern all-round barbecue, the Dragon Egg is a versatile unit, perfect for cooking up a variety of food with. Its hammer tone powder coated hood is durable and resistant, providing insulation. The included hammer tone shelves and cast-iron grills also enable many uses over the years. Included accessories such an ash plate, pizza stone and adjustable ventilation chimney.

Dragon Egg Charcoal Barbecue, £599


 Anthracite Wood Fired Pizza Oven


For a truly impressive designer pizza oven, this wood fire pizza oven from Fontana is a coveted choice. Stunningly designed with brilliant quality and performance, the wood-fired oven has a 60x60cm cooking chamber, made from 304-grade stainless steel. Plus, a wood-holder plate, smoke exit valve and cooking chamber door. It takes up to 30 minutes for the floor surface to reach 750oF, and thanks to 12cm of natural rock wool, the high temperatures can be sustained for a long period and retain heat. If you’re looking for an oven that will last for many years to come, then this is a considered yet invested purchase.


Fontana Margherita Anthracite Wood Fired Pizza Oven, from £1,499.99