Wondering whether an expandable hose pipe is the right hose pipe for you? Expandable hose pipes expand to their potential when the water is on, and shrink when you've turned the tap off. This means they don't take up too much space and can be stored quite easily. Good ones look trendy too.

How to use an expandable hose

An expandable hose works very much like a normal hose, just with added storage and folding away benefits. You would attach your hose to the tap, with the right adaptors, much like you would a normal hose, and turn the tap on.

How to store an expandable hose

An expandable hose take up far less space than a normal hose. But you can store it in a similar way, with a hose reel, or in a storage box. You could also just hang it up on a peg.

The downsides of expandable hoses

One of the main downsides to expandable hoses is that the outer hose is usually made from softer material than normal hoses and can therefore be prone to ripping. There's a more robust inner tube, but that, again, is more malleable than your usual hose, which can mean tears. We'd suggest investing in the best quality of expandable hose.

Is an expandable hose worth it?

Overall, we'd say if you're tight on space and you aren't a hugely regular user of your garden hose, then an expandable hose is for you. If you are watering a lot and you have the space, it may be worth investing in a hose that you can pop onto a reel and won't tear quite as easily.

What's also worth considering though, is that an expandable garden hose can be much more lightweight than a normal hose. So if you have trouble with your hands or access restrictions, then perhaps an expandable hose might be the right option.

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The best expandable hoses for the garden

100 foot expandable garden hose

Expandable hose
© Amazon

A 4 layer durable latex tube comes within the outer fabric of this hose pipe, which is a nifty blue and black colour. The flexible hose withstands water pressure up to 10 pars and temperatures up to 113 degrees Fahrenheit. It folds out from 30 foot to 100 foot when being used and has a two year warranty. This means that although expandable hoses can be prone to a leak, you can be assured with this one that it will last. The host comes with a spray gun hose, with a rubber coated handle and you have ten water patterns to choose from.

Expandable T-Hose

Green T-hose expandable hose
© T-Hose

This hose comes from the sister company of Tuffbag and they focus specifically on hoses. The T-Hose comes in four different sizes, 50ft, 100ft, 150ft and 200ft (although the 150ft and 200ft are supplied as two hoses with a connector. It expands to three times its size and has a guarantee for your money back if the product doesn't work for you. It pitches itself as being good for over 600 uses and comes in either fetching green or black, for something a little more discreet. Its durable and tough and should last you longer than most expandable hoses.

An expandable snake pipe hose with watering gun

150ft expandable hose
© B&Q

This option is easier on the wallet, but looks as robust as many on this list. The inner tubing has reinforced strength latex hose with thick coil fabric casing. There are brass fittings that come with it, including a water gun that has an easy to switch spray mode and a handle with good grip for when things get a bit drippy. Its suitable for most outdoor taps, but you'd need an adaptor for an indoor sink tap. The spray gun comes with seven patterns that are easy to change. This one is 150ft.

30 metre extendable hose

Green Robert Dyas expandable hose
© Robert Dyas

A lightweight option with an inner hose made from latex and an outer material made from polyester. that expands up to three times its original length to 30 metres. This option comes with a tap connector, which should work with most outside tap adapters and there are seven functions of spray gun including a gentle mist for delicate plants.

Deluxe expanding hose with bag

Green expandable hose
© Coopers of Stortford

This expanding hose is built to last and comes with its very own storage option: a carry bag. The hose measures either 15 metres or 30 and, as with several on this list, expands to three times the original length. There are two layers of latex on the inner hose and the connectors are brass, ensuring that there is a level of endurance for these too. The head has a seven spray function and the hose itself is lightweight and easy to move around. We also like the design: it's one where you wouldn't mind if it wasn't packed all away while you were lounging in the garden.

Expandable garden hose pipe: 75 feet

Black expandable hose
© Mano Mano

This option is definitely one of the easiest on the wallets, but also comes with a handy storage hook, as well as a carry bag. It's 7.5 metres, expanding to 22.5 metres and so is also a shorter option on this list. Perhaps this particular expandable hose pipe might work if you are using your hose pipe to clean pets or wellies. It's also worth noting that it shouldn't be used with high pressure water. It has seven options of spray to play with from full to soaker and misting too.

Hazelock Superhoze 15 metres

Hazelock Expandable Hose

The hazelock is a classic in hose pipe design. Made from polyester and PVC, the hose diameter is half and inch and it measures 15 metres. It's so easy to hang it anywhere in the garden, and it shouldn't get tangled, but once it's up it's very robust and should cater for all your hosepipe needs. All the attachments you need are included in the box and although it's one of the more expensive on this list, it should be more robust.


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