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Narcissus Barrii Conspicuous
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12 best narcissus

Published: February 20, 2019 at 1:00 pm

Thierry Dronet, owner and gardener at Berchigranges garden in the Vosges mountains of northeast France, is infatuated with narcissus. He recommends 12 varieties that will bring your garden to life in spring

“When I first saw how the wild daffodils," says Thierry Dronet of Le Jardin de Berchigranges, "particularly the species daffodil Narcissus jonquilla, transformed the meadows here in the mountains into a sea of yellow petals, I knew I wanted to have lots and lots of them in our garden,” he says.


Over the years Thierry has added many other species and cultivars to the local wild types. In total there are around 80,000 narcissus bulbs of 600 different cultivars and some species, joined every autumn by hundreds of new bulbs of CamassiaHyacinthoidesAlliumScillaand Erythronium. “But I still love the species daffodils the best,” says Thierry.

He he selects some of his favourites, including the double white cultivar 'Berchigranges' that originated here in the garden.


Narcissus ‘Edinburgh’

Bred in the Netherlands in 2007, this narcissus cultivar with a pink, split trumpet has a strong scent.


Narcissus poeticus

Thierry particularly loves the delicate scent of this wild species narcissus, which has a discreet, red-rimmed trumpet.
45cm. AGM. USDA 5b-10b.


Narcissus 'Double Itzim'

A double variant of the well-known ‘Itzim’ narcissus cultivar. A dainty cyclamineus cultivar with back-folded perianth segments or petals.


Narcissus 'Rip van Winkle'

A tiny double narcissus, ideal for pots and balconies.
15cm. USDA 5a-9b.


Narcissus 'Centannees'

An impressive cultivar, with a split corona. Narcissus petals vary from ivory white to a creamy yellow, and an orange trumpet that seems to glow.
45cm. USDA 4a-9b.


Narcissus 'Jenny'

This dainty cyclamineus narcissus cultivar, with a sulphur-yellow trumpet that fades over time, is good for naturalising.
45cm. AGM. USDA 4a-9b.


Narcissus 'Petit Four'

Elegant double narcissus with a creamy-white wreath of petals around an apricot-coloured trumpet.
35cm. USDA 4a-11.


Narcissus 'New Baby'

Several sweet-smelling narcissus flowers appear on a single stem on this jonquilla daffodil.
20cm. USDA 3a-9b.


Narcissus 'Stint'

Nodding, lime-yellow flowers with a pleasant scent. Prefers a slightly acid soil and a dry summer. Triandrus.
45cm. AGM. USDA 5a-11.


Narcissus 'Delibes'

The large, cupped petals are usually yellow, but when they start to fade, they make the orange trumpet stand out all the more.
40cm. USDA 4a-9b.


Narcissus ‘Berchigranges’

Thierry discovered this double, creamy-white daffodil in his own garden. In 2007, he released it as a cultivar – the only French narcissus registered by the RHS.


Narcissus ‘Golden Echo’

A jonquilla cultivar bred around ten years ago by Brent and Becky’s Bulbs, in Virginia, USA. Very delicate with a conspicuous trumpet.
30cm. USDA 3a-9b.


Le Jardin de Berchigranges


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