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The best extension leads for your garden

Published: May 26, 2022 at 9:00 am

Invest in a trusty extension lead, and hook up your outdoor appliances with ease when you're in the garden.

As our sheds gather various garden appliances, such as lights and power tools, so does our need for an accessible power source. A suitable extension lead is vital to ensuring you can effortlessly use your outdoor tech, and keep your garden in tip top condition. We all know how infuriating it can be when your cable doesn't quite reach, but luckily there's an array of extension leads available of varying lengths!


So whether you're after a waterproof socket box, a lengthy 25m cable reel or a single socket, you're sure to find the perfect fit for your space and appliances in our roundup of the best outdoor extension leads.

Extension leads are also a handy way to show off your lovely Christmas garden lights!

Best garden extension leads for 2022

Garden Extension Lead Socket Box

Oudoor Garden Extension Lead Socket

A top choice for wet weather, this convenient outdoor socket box keeps your plugs dry thanks to the IP66 gland connections. It's a handy contraption that would make lighting up your garden with pretty outdoor lights a breeze!

The double socket comes with a 5m cable and plug, and the lid closes completely so you can keep out the rain, and keep the sockets out of sight. It's pretty neat in size and thanks to its straightforward, unobtrusive design, it shouldn't impact your garden's stylish appearance!

The box doesn't arrive pre-wired, so it's a solid choice if you're happy to roll your sleeves up! The kit comes with screws so you can fix the box onto a wall or post of your choice, so it's worth thinking about the most appropriate location if you want to use it for garden lights, or as a charging power source.

Masterplug Pro-XT Extension Lead Reel

Green cable extension lead reel

Masterplug offers a wide range of portable power devices, and this one is a great pick if you're looking to cover a fair distance thanks to its 25m cable. The pull out drum wind handle is a welcomed addition which allows for a speedy and efficient tidy up. It has a thermal cut-out feature to protect against overloading, and there's the option to reset if necessary. It also has a convenient LED indicator so you know exactly when the power is live, and there's a localised switch so you can switch the power on and off, wherever you're working.

A particularly practical touch is the bright green cable colour, so you can always spot your extension lead, even in the messiest of sheds and greenhouses!

ShaniTech 10M Extension Lead Reel

Red extension reel

This 13A mains extension lead reel features a carry handle and a winding knob, so you can quickly zap your cable away once it's not in use. It has a thermal cut out safety feature, and it's not recommended for wet conditions, so it's a handy one for your shed or workshop, or of course a sunny day! It's a useful thing to have in your shed, especially if you're hosting and want to go all out on decorations, outdoor heating and lighting!

VonHaus Extension Lead

Extension lead reel with orange plug cover

If you like to keep your cables hidden away - and want to keep tripping hazards at bay - this compact case could be the extension lead for you. This extension lead from VonHaus features two splash proof sockets, with a rating of IP54. The 25m cable has a corrosion-resistant design, so this should be a durable and hardy option. It also features a safety thermal cut-out, and a carry handle for easy transportation.

Masterplug Heavy Duty Extension Lead

Single black outdoor socket with orange cable

Sometimes the one socket is all you need! This 10m lead is a super choice that's bound to become a well-used garden accessory. Another pick from Masterplug, it features a 10m cable with a maximum load of 13A. It's a great option for garden power tools, and thanks to its neat size, it won't take up too much precious garden space!

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Masterplug Weatherproof Box with 8M Extension Lead

Weatherproof grey box with black cable

This weatherproof box has a four way extension lead, so if you have a few devices you want to use at once when you're pottering about in the garden, this is a top choice. It can be attached to the wall, and it features a robust enclosure with a range of cable entry points, so it's a well-organised design. It's ideal for water features and festive decorations, so you can impress visitors and neighbours with a lovely display!

Unlike our other box on the list, this extension lead box is large enough for bulky transformers, timers and a range of controllers, so it's a versatile outdoor wall feature that offers a lot of flexibility.

Two outdoor sockets with timer function

This is a particularly solid option for powering your garden lights because it features a built-in timer. This allows you to sit back and relax as your garden lights switch on and off automatically, at a time that suits you. It has two plug sockets and a 5m cable, so it would work well for pond lights and other outdoor decorations. You can simply push the stakes into the grass and find the perfect location for your outdoor power needs!


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