Part-shed, part-greenhouse and part-workshop, potting sheds are a useful addition to a garden. They’re an excellent spot to get stuck into gardening tasks out of the wind and rain - or harsh sun. Ideally, you could also store your tools inside and leave seedlings to grow by the window whilst protected from the elements.


The best potting sheds have big windows with a raised shelf or work bench behind, as well as room to store your bits and bobs at the back. Lots of manufacturers give you the option to customise your potting shed, adding internal shelving and other useful features.

If you don’t have a standalone shed or greenhouse, it’s worth thinking about how you’ll use your new potting shed. You could opt for one with a large footprint for extra storage, or a combi-shed, which has a greenhouse attached to one side (see our list for different designs).

The best potting sheds to buy for your garden

Power Sheds wooden shed

Power Sheds wooden shed in a garden

If you want to give your plants and seedlings plenty of room, this is one of the best potting sheds you can buy. It has not one, but two shelves, and the windows wrap around the side walls to provide extra light.

Why not store your plants on the lower bench, while keeping the higher shelf clear for gardening tasks?

Thanks to the strong corner bracing and toughened safety glass, this potting shed has a robust design, which should stand the test of time.

Plus, it comes with wood preservative to keep the exterior in good condition.

Traditional Sun Pent Gable Wooden Garden Shed

Traditional Sun Pent Gable Wooden Garden Shed on a lawn

If it’s traditional, subtle design you’re after, try this potting shed. With its boxy style and single-level windows, it should blend neatly into any outdoor space - perfect if you want to tuck it at the end of your lawn or veg patch.

Despite its classic design, there’s plenty of choice when it comes to the finer details. You have the option to add a wider or stable-style door, or go for double doors, and even add a second entryway. You can also upgrade to pressure-treated timber for extra protection against the elements.

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Other handy features include opening side windows, a key-operated lock and a full-length potting bench inside.

Tiger Potting Shed

Tiger Potting Shed on a decking

This potting shed’s angled glazing and roof not only maximises the amount of light let inside; it also creates an interesting design feature, separating it from many others on the market.

Plus, the angled roof gives you more room to move around inside with tall or bulky equipment. For slightly more floor space, opt for the 8’x6’ rather than the 6’x6’ version.

You can even add paint, solar lighting and internal flooring to create a customised design. As standard, you can expect high-quality mineral felt roofing, an internal potting shelf and 3mm toughened glass windows.

Potting sheds usually arrive with a natural wood finish. To give yours a unique look, why not customise it with a lick of shed paint? See our favourites here:

Rowlinson Garden Potting Store

Rowlinson Garden Potting Store on a patio

For something a little more unusual, try this potting shed from Rowlinson. It’s half-shed/half-greenhouse, with a potting bench secured around the windows.

In fact, this potting shed has a total of 15 windows, including five roof panels, and three opening sections. Thanks to the clever design, there’s plenty of room to pot up plants in the sun, and store all your tools and equipment at the back.

You can also choose which side of the shed to fix the door. It comes with a bolt, ready for you to secure with a padlock.

The Suntrap Greenhouse Shed

The Suntrap Greenhouse Shed on a patio

As the name suggests, the makers designed the ‘suntrap’ shed to let in as much light as possible. So, it’s one of the best potting sheds you can buy if you want plenty of space to nurture seedlings and potted plants.

The in-built benches make it easy to get stuck into gardening tasks inside, and you can add a variety of extra features. Choose from a selection of smart dip treatment colours to transform the exterior, and select your preferred door opening direction. You can even upgrade the floor and roofing felt if you’re after heavy duty options.

The best combi-sheds

Combi-sheds have an integrated greenhouse section as part of their design. Most options are half-shed/half-greenhouse, so you can get the best of both worlds: space to store your tools and nurture your plants all in one.

Some combi-sheds may not come with potting benches or shelving, but it shouldn’t be too much trouble to install it yourself - either in the shed or the greenhouse section.

Here are a couple of the best combi-sheds you can buy for your garden.

Mercia Traditional Apex Greenhouse Combi Shed

Mercia Traditional Apex Greenhouse Combi Shed on a patio

This smart design includes a walk-through greenhouse leading to the shed hidden at the back. A traditional vented roof helps with heat regulation and provides plenty of room to move around and store bulky equipment inside.

The glazing is shatterproof - ideal when you’re working with metal tools - and the wood is ethically sourced from FSC-certified timber.

Handily, the makers have removed the flooring in the greenhouse section, so water should drain away easily after you water your plants.

Choose from several sizes, including 8’x6’, 10’x6’ and 12’x6’.

Adley Shiplap Premium Combi Greenhouse

Adley Shiplap Premium Combi Greenhouse on a patio

This combi-shed has separate entryways for each section - and you can choose which side to fit the greenhouse door.

The shed has a door bolt and two windows looking out into the greenhouse, while the glazed section has a mortice lock and key, as well as an opening skylight in the roof.


All the wood is sustainably sourced, and you can choose to add wood protection in your order. There’s also the option to switch up the base, upgrade the roof and add shelving.


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